Secret Neighbor Multiplayer

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When you have to stand against and maniac-neighbor alone, this is a pretty creepy adventure. How about trying to defeat him together with your friends? This is what you are going to do in the multiplayer version of the game. You and your buddies are here to make the justice come back! Once your neighbor has stolen a friend of yours, so now all of you are here for his rescue. He is out there, in a dark basement, all alone, and nobody knows how the event will end if you won’t manage to get him out of there. So you need to do your best – you are the only hope of your buddy. Together, you will enter the building where the crazy neighbor lives. As you know, he hides your fellow in a basement, but this place is locked with a key and you cannot get there before you find this key. The game will present numerous puzzles and rooms to discover. There is a key in one of the rooms and you need to find it.
However, where do you think the neighbor is? Why doesn’t he try to catch you and prevent you from entering the basement? Oh, he is smarter than you think! And maybe he decided to make this adventure even more creepy because you won’t meet him in person. He is one of you – one of your friends, and you don’t know which one! You will play for the kids and one of you will be lucky enough to try himself in a role of a mad man. The one playing for a disguised neighbor will try to stop the kids but he needs to that in a very secret and slight manner – nobody should find out who he really is. This makes the game really complicated and extremely interesting.
To win the game, you have to enter the basement. The game will end if you will do that successfully – you will have a chance to take your friend and run away from that place once and forever. This is the happy ending a neighbor will try to ruin and prevent at all costs. During the game, all of you will act as a team so you won’t understand who exactly is your enemy. Still, you need to keep going and act as a team no matter what – this is the only way to find a key and get out. Do your best and don’t trust anybody – this might be your enemy.