Secret Neighbor Hello Neighbor

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One of the most blood-chilling horror stories are connected with real people, not zombies, vampires, or monsters. The idea is that the real people can be more shocking and terrifying than thee creatures that look like real monsters. This is the concept used by many books, movies, and games, as well. One of the most successful titles that uses such a narrative turn is Hello Neighbor. As you may know, this title tells a story of a guy who lives nearby. He looks like a normal person – nothing in particular, just a regular man, doing his regular stuff every day. You see him from the window and at some you realize that among the regular stuff he does, there some a bit strange actions. For example, he enters his basement too often and takes some strange things to that place. Of course, you don’t think that he is repairing something out there, no! This won’t be a horror story this way. You believe that he is a killer and he hides the victims inside of the basement, which perfectly meets the genre of suspense horror.
And you know what? You are not a paranoid one! He really is a killer and there are people he hides there. In the one-player game Hello Neighbor, you will enter his house and find out everything about his life, researching the rooms and other places. In the multiplayer version, you and your buddies will enter the scariest place in his house – the basement – to find your friend hidden there and save him.