Secret Neighbor Beta

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Welcome to the Beta chapter of Secret Neighbor! This one is something you should try for sure. If you have already played the original title, you must be already familiar with the plot which stays the same here. The plot is this one: you and your friends found out that your neighbor is not a regular guy, but a real serial killer. He has your friends locked in a basement and you need to do something about that. Of course, there is only one thing you can do – save them! You decide to enter the house of a dangerous man, find the keys from his hellish basement and get your buddies out of there before it is too late. This mission is noble, but dangerous – you neighbor is pretty serious about capturing and killing kids like you. There is one interesting thing about the series of Secret Neighbor: you will finally have a chance to play for him! The dangerous man! However, being a cunning maniac, he knows what to do and how to turn everything in a real performance. He is under a disguise, being one of you, little kids, so be very careful.
The new version of the game includes additional classes of characters. They are different and have various skills, so the game process is even more cooperative than it was before. Try dividing tasks among the team members to reach the highest performance and you will surely win the struggle against the neighbor! Also, you are welcome to enjoy a new way of preparing your character for the game – the equipment process is now happening before the game starts, so you can do that without a hurry and a necessity to wait until all the others cope with the task. What is more, there are additional features and things you can find in a house – you will be surprised by them for sure! Among them, you will even find a bomb! Enjoy the fresh Neighbor experience! Show all of your skills to overcome to nasty maniac. Or be tricky and smart enough to keep the children away from you secret place – defend your basement at all costs if you play for a neighbor.