Secret Neighbor Alpha

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An updated version of the famous Secret Neighbor title is here for you. Again, your mission is to save your friends from the claws of the maniac or make little children appear in your claws if you are lucky to play for the antagonist. Yes, you are welcome to play for one of the sides, whether a child that tries to rescue his buddy or for a neighbor that does everything to prevent such a happy ending. So as a kid, you will enter the house of the violent man along with other players. Together, you will solve the puzzles and search for the keys to make your way to the desired place where the destiny of you and your buddies will be decided – the basement. As a neighbor, you will scare the kids, play different tricks trying to keep them as further as possible, and what is even more exciting – you will secretly become one of them. This is why the game has such a title – the neighbor is under a disguise and he is inside of the kids’ team.
So the title is perfect when played in a large company of players. This way, you can communicate and solve the riddles all together, helping one another and making your way to the aim. Just beware – you cannot really trust anyone. Despite the fact that you are ought to cooperate with gamers, you should keep in mind that one of them will betray you. It is hard to say who is this because the neighbor have all capacities to play witty and cunning game. You will move further and the puzzles will become trickier, but they will lead you to a place you are looking for. In the final scene, where you are already near the basement, everything will be decided. As a neighbor, don’t let the kids guess that you are not who are. As a kid, be careful and keep in mind that one of you is an enemy, but you cannot know who is this. Be very attentive and happy playing! See whether the good will defeat the evil in this mighty battle of kids and adult!