Secret Neighbor 3

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Will you manage to compete with a neighbor who has a full arsenal of challenging puzzles and even weapons to trick you and beat you down? That’s the question! However, you need to try. So you and your buddies are here to fulfill your duty of friends – one of your company is inside of the neighbor’s house, namely in a basement locked with the hey. You are here to get that key, run to the basement, and pull your friend out of that dark and gloomy place which is supposed to be a waiting room before his death. Are you ready for numerous puzzles, strange episodes, mysteries, extreme dangers, and emotions? Then try the game! The neighbor is now smarter than he ever was and one of you will play his role. He hides under the mask of one of you. Who is this? Not that easy to answer! The game is extremely thrilling because one of you will play for a betrayer. This adds additional chills and pepper into the process, so be sure that this horror will become your favorite from the first seconds.