Secret Neighbor 2020

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One day, you realize that a man that lives not far from you is not just a regular one. This is how the story of Hello Neighbor starts. You suspected him to be a killer and yes, you were right. Now you are welcome to check an alternative but very similar story called Secret Neighbor. This one is a so-called add-on to the original series and you are welcome to immerse yourself into the world of creepy mysteries again. Well, the task is not that easy – you and your friends are trying to help one of your buddies to get out of the neighbor’s trap. He chose him as a next victim and you cannot allow anything like this to happen! However, you are just a group of kids standing against a horrible maniac, who has a lot of strange tools and weapons as well as wicked plans to prevent you from ruining his plans. He even managed to change the way he looks that dramatically! You won’t believe it, but now he is one of you. And you don’t know which of the players is not your friend but a… Secret Neighbor!
The game is made for a number of players and is highly-cooperative. The newest part of the 2020 year has a lot to offer! You will have to struggle with a neighbor again, but there are so many amazing additional things to enjoy. The house of the neighbor is now different – there are new rooms here, as well as new attributes and objects. There are new things that can help you complete you mission, but the neighbor is more advanced and smart now as well. He is witty and can predict your actions basing on your previous decisions. So don’t be surprised if you will suddenly get one of your plans ruined – the neighbor knows what you are thinking! Sounds creepy, but there is nothing really bad here – you just need to be more creative and inventive to fool him. He will try to scare you and tangle your way to the basement where your friend is, but if you will be smart enough, you will surely get through all of these difficulties.
What is more, the new part has new customization options for the characters you play for. You can use new tools and equipment, add some features, and make your characters more efficient in a fight against the neighbor. Reaching the key and getting inside of the basement is your aim, so make sure that you do a detailed search in the rooms and check all the shelves and corners where the key might be hidden. Kids will win the game if they will find the key and get away from that place alive. This won’t be easy, but you will surely cope with the task! Good luck and beware of the neighbor!