Secret Neighbor 2

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This is the second part of the creepiest adventure in your life! Well, let’s admit that the creepiest thing here is actually a plot. You want see any jumpscares, bloody scenes, or anything like that in the game. There are no monsters from the hell here. On the other hand, the game proves that monsters can hide inside of regular people and this is just the case with your neighbor. Maybe, knowing that someone nearby can be a real monster is even more horrifying that meeting a true monster from another world. Another world is distant, right? And your neighbor’s house is right here. And he is close to you! So the plot is a bit disturbing – you know that your neighbor is a maniac and he steals one of your friends. Now you have no choice but to enter the house, get the keys to unlock the basement where your friend is hidden, and set him free. You are just a small kid and the figure that stands against you is a cruel and incredibly intelligent adult.
So this day has come, you and your buddies equip yourself with various things that can help you get through the house of a neighbor and don’t get caught. By the way, in the second part of the title, you will have more equipment options to get. Then you quietly come to his house and get inside. But where is the neighbor? Why doesn’t he try to stop you openly? The problem is that he is here. He is among you. He is one of you! This is a really confusing part of the game. One of your comrades will play for a hidden neighbor and his task will be to make you believe that he is one of your team. Playing smartly, he won’t make you suspect him directly. So be careful and don’t trust anyone fully! You will have to work as a team, but figuring out who is a betrayer is not an easy task.
Here you go, the adventure starts now! Make sure to avoid being tricked by a Secret Neighbor and keep your eyes open. Maybe, you will have a chance to recognize which of your buddies is not real. In any case, be alarmed all the time and be sure to get away from that place right after you find the key and enter the basement. When you will do that, you will win the game! But before you will do that, numerous of dangers, puzzles, and complicated moments will snow on your heads, so get ready for a really challenging game! Good luck!