Hello Neighbor Horror

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You must be looking for a really scary game. Oh, well, if you are a fan of horrors that feature a ton of suspense, then this one will come to your liking for sure. Here you go, this is Hello Neighbor, a legendary horror game that will surely make you break a sweat. This title is not for those who have weak nerves! It is a paranoid game where you will investigate the house of your neighbor, suspected as a maniac, psycho, and killer. Still he doesn’t look like a monster or an insane person. When you see him, you believe that an intelligent and nice man is in front of you. Don’t make his appearance fool you because this guy has a frozen heart and no soul.
So, the story behind a neighbor is pretty tragic. His family is ruined and he is a lonely guy, angry for the world that made him suffer that much. The events of his past made him a cruel man willing to see others suffering like he did. And now he is doing nasty deeds, catching people and namely children, locking them inside of his basement and God only knows what he does next. Your aim in the game will be not very simple – you will enter the house of an enemy to find out all of his secrets and learn everything about his dark actions. As you have guessed, neighbor doesn’t really like an idea like that, so he will try to stop you. He has traps for you, so beware. What is more, the character is controlled by advanced AI technologies, which means that he learns really fast. Once you have done some trick to him or entered the room through a certain entrance, he will remember that. Next time, he will be there before you even appear. So be sure that you have enough plans and ideas – the neighbor will start guessing all of your typical moves very soon and this makes the game creepy and thrilling to the maximum. Ready to try your skills and reactions? Then enter the game and have a good time!