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The best traditions of horror games are never connected with silly jumpscares and stuff like that. They make you think about something that is really creepy. Hello Neighbor will place you to the world is extremely unsafe, because the game depicts your neighbor who is a dangerous man. He seems to be okay – nothing special about him, he really makes a positive impression with the he looks and behaves. However, this man with mustache and good manners is not the one he seems to be. It turns out that he is a cruel guy, a killer, and a torturer! That’s a nice twist, you may say. And this is not all. Your aim now is to learn everything about him, unravel his secrets, and let the truth become visible for everyone. This is something you need to do as a person pretty assured in the evil nature of that guy. Well, as you may guess, he is not very excited by an idea like that. He will try to stop you.
This is what happens in the classical Hello Neighbor title. But there is also a multiplayer one and it is called Secret Neighbor. It is called this way not only because the neighbor has some creepy secret (he does), but also because he will trick you, pretending that he is one of your group of kids. And he will be always somewhere near… which is creepy! He will even help you in your tasks. But mostly he will secretly ruin everything and spoil your plans. Here you can play for one of the kids of for the neighbor himself.