Escape the Secret Neighbor

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We are glad to offer one of the most popular and well-done horror stories in the history of the games of this genre. This is Secret Neighbor, a cooperative horror where you together with the other players will enter the house of a violent neighbor. You have a mission – there is a guy in the basement, hidden there by a neighbor, and he is there, waiting for you to get him out before the neighbor kills him. The pack of kids including you and the neighbor will try to enter the basement. Yes, you have read the previous sentence correctly – it is “you and the neighbor”! Because he will become one of you, he will behave like one of you, he will be extremely natural and smart. You won’t understand that he is not one of your friends but a hidden neighbor!
This is the first game of the famous franchise where one of the players have a chance to play for an enemy. Finally! You can act from another angle of the story and this adds exclusive notes to the game. Most of your time, you will act as a team, communicating and cooperating all the time, combining your ideas and skills to reach the aim. However, he will secretly try to ruin all of your plans and stop you from entering the basement. He is such an intriguing person!