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There is nothing more thrilling than to know that your neighbor is not someone you thought he is. Actually, there is always a chance that some of the people you know will turn to be another person, not the one he is trying to be. Your neighbor shows himself as a smart and very calm guy. He behaves politely and has that British manners, even a bit exaggerated. However, only you know who he is. In the reality, this is a demon hidden under the mask of a man. He steals kids from their families and hides them inside of the lower floor of his creepy house. Unfortunately, one of your buddies is now there. What should you do? Of course, you need to organize a rescue mission and take him out. Equip yourself, unite in a team with your friends, and start your uneasy journey. Beware – the neighbor is near. He is hiding among you and one of the participants will play for him, making your way to the basement a real challenge. Do it and save your friend!